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Communicating for a Knowledge Society

These resources are provided to support students taking SCIGEN 101G: Communicating for a Knowledge Society. 

LENScience: A science communication and translation case study

LENScience is a partnership between education, science and the community, focused on nurturing lifelong scientific and health literacy to support social wellbeing and economic development.

Programmes are designed to be implemented by schools working in partnership with the Liggins Institute and our partner tertiary and government organisations.

Programme design recognises that:

  • all partners - educators, scientists, students and families, are learners;
  • learning contexts must be of value to students, teachers, scientists and the local community;
  • learning occurs within the context of the sociocultural experience of the learner;
  • learning involves becoming a member of a community and participating in constructing knowledge within the constructs of that community;
  • learning develops over time and through a range of interrelated experiences.

In developing your case study, you may consider taking one aspect of LENScience and exploring how the model of  partnership is being applied to enable interactive engagement and discourse between school communities and science communities. The headings below offer some direction as to where you can find supporting resources on the web site.


Resource Links

An overview of the LENScience philosophy and model, along with evidence highlights can be found within theLENScience Story.

Key research publications and reports are available here.

A series of short videos exploring aspects of our work are available here.

The Healthy Start to Life Education for Adolescents Project (HSLeaP) involves both modules of work in schoolsand opportunities for students to participate in learning opportunities within the university, linked to the work they are undertaking in school. Key research evidence examining the impact of this programme on learning and behaviour cab be found here.

The Pacific Science for Health Literacy Project is an extension of HSLeaP, enabled via a partnership between LENScience and the Ministries of Education and Health in the Cook Islands and Tonga. Information about this project can be found here.

Information about the blended e-learning programmesused by LENScience can be found here. A recent addition to this suite of programmes was TALKFEST 2014

LENScience overview

Suggested Further Reading