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Year 7 - 10 students

What is science about? Who are scientists and what do they do? Why do we all need science? At LENScience you can find answers to these questions and more. 

Science is all around us. We need science to make clothes and houses, grow, store and cook food, solve environmental and health problems, and create technologies so we can have the latest sports gear, phones and much more. Scientists work to help us preserve our environment and heritage so we can have clean air and water, safe environments and amazing places to live, visit and enjoy our beautiful world.

Growing up in the 21st century you need to know about what science is and how you and your family can use science in your everyday life.

Science is global – so you need to know about how scientists around the world work together to share ideas and information, answer questions, share eureka moments, and contribute to making a better world.

LENScience programmes will help you learn about who scientists are, how they work and why science is so important to you as a 21st century teenager. You will explore issues such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease that affect communities all over the world.

You may or may not decide to become a scientist – but either way, you need to learn about science. Welcome to LENScience, we hope you enjoy your scientific journey of discovery.