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What is the Liggins Institute?

The Liggins Institute is a scientific research institute at the University of Auckland

Our Institute is named after Professor Sir Graeme Liggins, one of New Zealand's most important scientists whose work has helped premature babies around the world to survive and grow into healthy adults.

At the Liggins Institute, scientists, doctors, nurses, technicians and administration staff are working together to find out what it takes to give children a healthy start to life.

We know that having a healthy start to life helps to reduce the risk of obesity and diseases such as heart disease and diabetes in later life.

At the Liggins Institute our research is helping to find out more about:

  • how the food we eat throughout our life affects our health and wellbeing
  • how our time in our mother's womb (and even before) affects our risk of getting diseases such as diabetes and heart disease
  • how babies that are very small or born too soon grow and develop
  • how to understand and treat breast cancer
  • how to improve the health of children and teenagers who are at risk of obesity and diabetes
  • why IVF children are taller, slimmer and have a healthier blood fat profile than other children
  • how twins grow and develop