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‘Science in Society’ Science Communication Workshop

09 February 2016

We invite you to attend a ‘Science in Society’ science communication workshop on 23 February at Waipuna Lodge, Mt Wellington, Auckland.

The LENScience team at the Liggins Institute (University of Auckland) are holding a workshop to facilitate discussion around effective communication and the translation of science in the community.

The workshop comprises sessions titled:

  • In conversation with the community
  • Who communicates science with whom?
  • Creating and sustaining momentum.

Speakers have been chosen for their involvement in science communication activities outside of the university environment, having partnered with schools and community groups to create a greater understanding of current health, environmental and science issues.

Each presentation will be between 15-20 minutes long, and each session includes either a panel discussion or a wider discussion amongst attendees.

Presenters include:

  • Professor Massimiano Bucchi (University of Trento, Italy), an internationally recognised expert on public understanding of science and science communication.
  • Professor Blakely Brown (University of Montana, USA), a researcher interested in nutritional and chronic disease prevention, maternal-child health, childhood obesity and diabetes prevention, and community based participatory research methods in Native American populations.
  • Jacquie Bay (Liggins Institute, University of Auckland), the founder of LENScience, an innovative science education programme that creates opportunities for schools and scientists to work together to promote the development of scientific literacy and enable the translation of scientific knowledge into community understanding.
  • Professor Peter Dearden (University of Otago), Director of Genetics Otago and 2014 Callaghan Medal for achievements in science communication award winner.

The full list of speakers and the workshop timetable is:



Pre-meeting coffee from 9:45am

Session 1: In conversation with the community


Why? The role of Science in Society

Prof. Peter Dearden – University of Otago


What is the legacy of five decades of science communication research?

Prof. Massimiano Bucchi, University of Trento, Italy


Understanding theoretical frameworks underpinning initiation and continuation of dialogue with communities

Jacquie Bay, Liggins Institute


Case study – Allan Wilson Centre: Lessons from Tolaga Bay

Prof. Hamish Spencer, University of Otago


Panel discussion: opportunities and challenges

Lead: Jacquie Bay

Lunch break (12:00-1:00)

Session 2: Who communicates science with whom?


Opportunities in context: Where are the opportunities to connect and who are the facilitators of connections?



Shared conversations about neurological disorders

Prof. Richard Faull – University of Auckland


Engaging with the community through the 'Growing Up in NZ' project

Dr Polly Atatoa-Carr - University of Auckland


Working with communities to improve the environment and enhance biological control of pests

Prof. Steve Wratten – Lincoln University


Opportunities to link with schools and harder to reach communities

Soana Pamaka, Tamaki College, Auckland


Panel discussion

Lead: Jacquie Bay

Afternoon tea break (2:30-2:50)

Session 3:  Hot topics


Visual scientific literacy: the role of images in public understanding of science in the digital age

Prof. Massimiano Bucchi


Participatory Research Methods: Engaging communities in measurement of communication and translation impact

Prof. Blakely Brown, University of Montana


What does ‘measurement’ mean in the school setting?

Jacquie Bay

Session 4: Creating and sustaining momentum


Breakout discussion in context-specific groups

to be confirmed


Reflections and final remarks

Jacquie Bay/Prof. Peter Dearden



The workshop is open to individuals interested in science communication and translation, particularly those from the Centres of Research Excellence, National Science Challenges, teachers and science communication professionals. The workshop builds on the ‘Connecting with Education’, held in Wellington in 2014, which brought together scientific researchers and communicators from across New Zealand.

To cover the cost of catering, there is a charge of $45 to attend.

Register here to attend; registration closes 16 February.

Please contact Jane Duffy ( for further information.

Please feel free to forward this notice on to colleagues who may be interested in attending.