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Te Maki Toto Vene Interactive

This page contains links to the suite of interactive resources for the learning and teaching module: Te Maki Toto Vene (T2): E Manamanata no Toku Iti Tangata, Exploring Type 2 Diabetes: A Socio-scientific Issue for My Community

Te Maki Toto Vene Online 1

The Te Maki Toto Vene resources explore local and scientific evidence about the importance of our social, nutritional, and physical environment for lifelong learning, health and wellbeing.  

They assist teachers to facilitate capability development that supports adolescents to participate as critical, informed, and responsible citizens concerning current and future challenges such as the NCD epidemic.

The interactive resources on this page are intended for use in Year 11 classes in schools that are following the New Zealand or Cook Islands Curriculum. 

The resources could also contribute to learning and teaching across the range of Years 10 to 13. 

Teachers who would like access to the PADLET discussion resources should contact:

LO1 Pitoenua
LO4 Blood Glucose
LO7 Taking Action
LO2 The issue
LO5 Diabetes Mellitus
LO8 Refining our Research
LO3 Diabetes Overview
LO6 Reducing the Risk
LO9 Presenting a Report