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Links to Curriculum and Assessment of Learning

This page informs teachers on how these resources link to the New Zealand curriculum.

These Resources Support Teaching and Learning and Link to the New Zealand Curriculum: Science Learning Areas


Level 7

Levels 7 & 8

Level 8

Nature of Science


Understanding About Science: Understand that scientists have an obligation to connect their new ideas to current and historical scientific knowledge and to present their findings for peer review and debate


Participating and Contributing: Use relevant information to develop a coherent understanding of socio-scientific issues that concern them, to identify possible responses at both personal and societal levels


Living World

Evolution: Understand that DNA and the environment interact in gene expression


Ecology and Evolution: Explain how the interaction between ecological factors and natural selection leads to genetic changes within populations


Life Processes, Ecology and Evolution: Understand the relationship between organisms and their environment


Understand how humans manipulate the transfer of genetic information from one generation to the next and make informed judgements about the social, ethical and biological implications relating to this manipulation


These Resources Link to the Following NCEA 2 Biology Achievement Standard

Use the resources on this page together with the resources presented under the LENScience Feast or Famine: Understanding Gene Expression web pages to support contextual and NoS-integrated learning for this external achievement standard.


These Resources Link to the Following NCEA 3 Biology Achievement Standards

  • AS91607 Biology 3.7: Demonstrate understanding of human manipulations of genetic transfer and its biological implications

For this achievement standard, human manipulations of genetic transfer may involve investigation and modification of the expression of existing genes. Biological implications may involve the impact on the health or survival of individuals.


  • AS91602 Biology 3.2: Integrate biological knowledge to develop an informed response to a socio-scientific issue

If you are considering using stem cell therapy as a context for the level 3 socioscientific issues standard, you could use information on this page as an example of stem cell research occurring in New Zealand.