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Links to Curriculum and Assessment of Learning

This page informs teachers on how these resources link to the New Zealand curriculum.

Level 2 and 3 Achievement Standards That Link to These Resources

AS 91159: Biology 2.7: Demonstrate understanding of gene expression.

AS 91605: Biology 3.5: Demonstrate understanding of evolutionary processes leading to speciation.

AS 91606: Biology 3.6: Demonstrate understanding of trends in human evolution.


Key Concepts From the New Zealand Curriculum That Link to These Resources

Below are selected objectives from the curriculum levels 7 and 8 that link to these resources. Please note, these are not a full list of the concepts covered in your course. 


Nature of Science Levels 7 and 8

  • Understanding about Science: Understand that scientists have an obligation to connect their new ideas to current and historical scientific knowledge and to present their findings for peer review and debate.
  • Communicating in Science: Use accepted science knowledge, vocabulary, symbols, and conventions when evaluating accounts of the natural world and consider the wider implications of the methods of communication and/or representation employed.
  • Participating and Contributing: Use relevant information to develop a coherent understanding of socio-scientific issues that concern them, to identify possible responses at both personal and societal levels.


Living World Level 7

  • Ecology: Explore ecological distribution patterns and explain possible causes for these patterns.
  • Evolution: Understand that DNA and the environment interact in gene expression.
  • Ecology and Evolution: Explain how the interaction between ecological factors and natural selection leads to genetic changes within populations.


Living World Level 8

  • Life Processes, Ecology, and Evolution: 
    • Understand the relationship between organisms and their environment.
    • Explore the evolutionary processes that have resulted in the diversity of life on Earth and appreciate the place and impact of humans within these processes.