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Evaluation and Research

With the support of the participating schools, students, families and communities, the project partners will use evaluation and research tools to understand whether the project is supporting Pacific young people towards a healthy future.

Evaluation: What do we learn when a community talks together?

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The Pacific Science for Health Literacy Partnership Project is designed to support young people to develop the skills and capabilities required for a healthy future.

The project is based on scientific and education research. Students will be exploring evidence about health, wellbeing and environmental challenges in our communities. They will explore how people in communities in the Pacific and around the world are working to find evidence based solutions to support healthy futures.

We are interested in finding out how these learning programmes support the development of our young people.

To do this we need teachers, students, families and the community to take part in the evaluation. That involves talking to us about your experience with the programmes as a student, teacher, parent, family member or health professional. 

Your participation will help schools, government and the community to work together towards better education and health for young people in the Pacific.

For Teachers and Schools

Information for teachers and schools about taking part in the evaluation can be found here.



Findings: What are we learning from the Pacific Science for Health Literacy Project

Evidence emerging from the Pacific Science for Health Literacy Project evalation will be posted here as it becomes available. Ensuring that evidence is robust is a careful process that takes time. The majority of the findings will be posted during 2017.

For more information please contact Jacquie Bay