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Teaching and Learning Resources

The LENScience Teaching and Learning Modules provide schools with the opportunity to develop learning experiences for 11 - 18 year olds that foster science and health literacy via exploration of socioscientific issues and the work of scientists contributing towards solutions to these issues. 

Partnership Modelv2

Partnerships for Learning

The LENScience learning modules are designed to be implemented by schools working in partnership with the Liggins Institute and our partner tertiary organisations. The modules use a context-embedded inquiry learning approach. They are designed to support the development of understanding of the nature and process of science as well as relevant concepts of science through exploration of a context. In most cases the context is linked to a socioscientific issue of relevance to adolescents.

Central to each of the learning modules are stories of science and scientists, enabling connections with the culture of science. Links between the context, the work of the science community and the lives of the students and their communities supports adolescents to identify the relevance of the learning to their lives.

Teacher professional learning and development resources are provided to support exploration of the pedagogy and the science associated with each module. Central to effective use of the modules is the in-school process of linking the learning modules into the school programme and the local community setting.