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Exploring Type 2 Diabetes in the Cook Islands

The Pacific Science for Health Literacy Project team have woven together evidence from education, health, science and the community to build and test these learning resources. This resource provides pedagogical, science and health background for teachers and learning resources for students that have been tested and refined by the project team.

Te Maki Toto Vene (T2): E Manamanata no Toku Iti Tangata

Exploring Type 2 Diabetes: A Socio-scientific Issue for My Community

Teachers Resource; Cook Islands Edition | Versions available: E-Pub; Hard Copy; Interactive 
Supporting learning at New Zealand and Cook Islands Curricula Level 6 and Assessment at NCEA Level 

Te Maki Toto Vene Online 1
Diabetes Overview
Raveanga Taking Action
Kiteaia Report

Diabetes is one of a group of conditions known as noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) that develop slowly over time. NCDs are becoming increasingly common worldwide. Like many societal challenges, the NCD epidemic is a complex issue caused by the interaction of multiple social, biological and economic factors.

Pacific nations are affected by NCDs more than most other countries. To improve the situation, we need co-operation and partnership between all parts of society.

The Te Maki Toto Vene resources explore local and scientific evidence about the importance of our social, nutritional, and physical environment for lifelong learning, health and wellbeing.  They support capability development that allows adolescents to participate as critical, informed, and responsible citizens concerning current and future challenges such as the NCD epidemic.


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The Te Maki Toto Vene resources are part of the Healthy Start to Life Pacific Series. They were developed by a partnership facilitated by funding from New Zealand Aid and involving the Cook Islands Ministries of Education and Health, the Tongan Ministries of Education and Health, and the University of Auckland's Liggins Institute.


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