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  • Face-to-Face

    Contextualised learning programmes supporting development of Nature of Science understanding.

  • LENScience Connect

    Blended e-Learning programmes enabling interaction between students, teachers, scientists and clinicians.

  • Meet a Scientist

    Learn more about Meet a Scientist - small group discussions with scientists about their work.

Student Programmes

Our programmes enable knowledge translation and facilitate development of understanding of the Nature of Science. They support the development of scientific and health literacy,  required for the economic and social well-being of New Zealand as a 21st century society.

Our programmes are designed to be implemented by schools, working in partnership with the Liggins Institute and our partner tertiary organisations. These partnerships rely on the collaborative expertise of teachers, the LENScience team, and the science community. We recognise the significant role of the classroom teacher in the learning process and support these key people to enable school-community-science partnerships to evolve. Our programmes use a combination of Face-to-Face learning environments, in-school modules of work, and Connect learning environments where the power of technology is harnessed to create learning communities beyond geographical boundaries enabling both synchronous and asynchronous interactions.