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LENScience Connect

LENScience Connect uses a combination of Satellite TV, Multicast and Web2.0 to bring students, teachers and scientists from throughout New Zealand together for interactive education events.  

LENScience Connect is an e-Learning platform designed to facilitate interconnected communities of learners. Our communities are project specific and include students, teachers and scientists from throughout New Zealand who engage together for single events or long term projects.

  • Events are broadcast via Web and Satellite Television and made available for later review.
  • Video-conference connections bring live feed from selected host sites into events.
  • LiveChat allows participants to engage in continuous discussion and enables all participating schools to contribute to live Q&A sessions that feature in all events.
  • Wiki interactions create on-going connections as teachers and students take the learning experience into their own classrooms.
  • Programmes are linked to the New Zealand Curriculum and designed by teachers and scientists to enable students and teachers to access New Zealand science, creating interactive learning opportunities that would not be possible in a standard school setting.
  • Programmes make use of technologies that are available to New Zealand schools and take account of the technological challenges faced by schools with respect to broadband. Schools with poor broadband connectivity can access these programmes.