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LENScience Connect Project Team

LENScience Connect was designed by a team bringing together expertise in Science Education, Science, Information Technology (IT) Architecture, Broadcast Technology and Television Production. The team was led by Jacquie Bay (Education Design), Robert Hamilton (IT Architecture), Steve Roberts (Broadcast Design) and David Hedge (Production Design). Three scientists participated in the project design process: Dr Jo Perry, Dr Deborah Sloboda and Professor Sir Peter Gluckman.  

LENScience gratefully acknowledges the many schools throughout New Zealand that have participated in the programme review process since 2007 and provided feedback. In particular we acknowledge the schools that enabled the 2008 Senior Biology Seminar Series Design Trial.

Since 2007 LENScience Connect has broadcast 37 programmes involving scientists and educators from institutions including:

  • The Liggins Institute
  • The National Research Centre for Growth and Development
  • The University of Auckland
  • The University of Otago
  • The Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Biology and Evolution
  • Lincoln University
  • The Bio-Protection Research Centre
  • The University of Canterbury
  • Fertility Associates
  • Northern Regional Genetic Service
  • The University of Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Imperial College, United Kingdom
  • McGill University, Canada