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Pacific Science for Health Literacy Project


Based in Tonga and the Cook Islands, this project is developing a school-science-community partnership model to support young people in gaining science and health literacy capabilities. It recognizes the potential offered by young people as change agents to support well-being in their communities.

The project is supporting development of culturally adapted partnership models in Tonga and the Cook Islands. Lead teachers and health professionals in each country will work with the Liggins Institute to build school-based programmes enabling young people to explore societal challenges such as obesity, food security, and noncommunicable diseases including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Three interwoven threads of development will support the project:

  • education leadership capability building;
  • practising teacher capability building;
  • adolescent capability building.

Together these offer potential for improved social and economic wellbeing in participating communities.

PSHLP sits within the Healthy Start to Life Education for Adolescents Project. 

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The Pacific Science for Health Literacy Project is funded by a grant from the NZAid Partnership Fund.

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The Project

Project Learning Modules

Learning and Teaching Strategies

Contexts: Health-linked Socioscientific Issues