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This seminar links to the following NCEA Level 3 Achievement Standards:

  • AS 90713 Carry out a practical investigation into an aspect of an organism’s ecological niche with guidance The seminar offers many potential ideas that you could develop for an investigation.
  • AS 90714 Research a contemporary biological issue Protection of our biodiversity and the use of pesticides is an issue of concern for New Zealand. There are a range of perspectives on the appropriateness of the use of pesticides held by different stakeholders.
  • AS 90716 Describe animal behaviour and plant responses in relation to environmental factors and to Scholarship: Biology Performance Standard

A list of objectives from your Year 13 programme that link into the seminar can be found on page 2 of the Pre-Seminar Questions and Discussion.

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Useful resources for this seminar


New Zealand Biodiverstiy Strategy

Biodiversity | New Zealand Ministry for the Environment

United Nations Decade on Biodiversity

UN Decade on Biodiversity | New Zealand Events

New Zealand Biodiversity Recording Network Online nature recording system

Wildlife New Zealand

New Zealand Landcare Trust

NIWA | Aquatic Biodiversity & Biosecurity

Decade on Biodiversity | Although UK based, the site has extensive information and good resrouces for teachers.

Regional Biodiversity in New Zealand

Northland Regional Council | Biodiversity and Biosecurity

Auckland Regional Council | Biosecurity

Waikato Regional Council Biodiversity

Bay of Plenty Regional Council | Biodiversity

Hawke's Bay Regional Council | Environment

Taranaki Regional Council | Environment

Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council | Managing the Environment

Wellington Regional Council | Biodiversity

Canterbury Regional Council | Biodiversity

West Coast Regional Council | Environmental Management

Otago Regional Council | Pest Mangement Strategy

Southland Regional Council | Biodiversity

Ecosystem Services

Listen to to Steve Wratten talking about Sustainable Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services on Radio New Zealand, April 27th, 2011

An Introduction to Ecosystem Services from the Ecological Society of America

Valuing Ecosystem Services from the World Resources Institute

Nature's Services: Ecosystems Are More Than Wildlife Habitat from the RAND Corporation

Scientific Papers available online

Daily, G. C., Alexander, S., Ehrlich, P. R., Goulder, L., Lubchenco, J., Matson, P. A., et al. (1997). Ecosystem Services: Benefits supplied to human societies by natural ecosystems. Issues in Ecology(2), 1-8

Wratten, S., Berndt, L., Gurr, G., Tylianakis, J., Fernando, P., & Didham, R. (2002). Adding floral diversity to enhance parasitoid fitness and efficacy. Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Biological Control of Arthropods.Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Greening Waipara Project

Greening Waipara Project website

Hear about the Greening Waiapara Project on Radio New Zealand's 'Our Changing World' March 4th, 2010

Download a brochure about the Greening Waipara Project

Download the latest Greening Waipara newsletter