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This seminar links to NCEA Level 3 Achievement Standards:

  • AS 90717 Biology 3.5 Describe processes and patterns of evolution
  • AS 90719 Biology 3.7 Describe trends in human evolution

Useful resources for this seminar

The Evolution and Medicine Review - an online open access journal on Evolutionary Medicine edited by international leaders in this field

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin online

New Scientist's Evolution: 24 Myths and Misconceptions

Centre for Human Evolution, Adaption and Disease (based at the Liggins Institute)

How we are evolving Scientific American October 2010

Resources Written for High School and Undergraduate Students

The Evolutionary Genetics Topic Room at Nature Scitable An excellent resource on evolutionary genetics for high school and undergraduate students

Evolutionary Adaptation in the Human Lineage Schaffner, S. & Sabeti, P. (2008) Evolutionary adaptation in the human lineage.

Nature Education 1(1) Natural Selection Sabeti, P. (2008) Natural selection: Uncovering mechanisms of evolutionary adaptation to infectious disease. Nature Education 1(1)

The Molecular Clock - Estimating Species Divergence Ho, S. (2008) The molecular clock and estimating species divergence. Nature Education 1(1)

Human Evolution Meyer, A, (2009) Human Evolution ALPHA 138 Royal Society of New Zealand

Did early modern humans and Neanderthals interbreed?

Neanderthals may have interbred with humans Nature News 20 April 2010

Neandertal Genome Study Reveals That We Have a Little Caveman in Us Scientific American 6 May 2010