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Other items of interest

Two interviews with Lisa Matisoo-Smith

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Maori origins and arrivals from Te Ara The Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Talking Past Each Other: Genetic Testing and Indigenous Populations from Action BioScience

The Genographic Project

Applications of DNA - working out migration paths from DNAi (Choose Human Origins, then Migrations)

SahulTime - a visual, interactive representation of the Earth's history, showing how coastlines change

Links to your school programme

This seminar links to the following NCEA Level 3 Achievement Standards:

  • AS 90714 Biology 3.2 Research a contemporary biological issue
  • AS 90715 Biology 3.3 Describe the role of DNA in relation to gene expression
  • AS 90718 Biology 3.6 Describe applications of biotechnological techniques
  • AS 90719 Biology 3.7 Describe trends in human evolution

Scientific Papers available online

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