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Vision and goals

LENScience enables science-science education interactions by creating connections between schools and science organisations; supporting science education, enabling science communication and translation to support increased science for health literacy in New Zealand communities.

Our strategic priorities are:

  • To provide leadership in science communication and science education.
  • To develop and deliver high quality teaching and learning programmes in which schools and science organisations work collaboratively to support the translation of science knowledge into community understanding and enable the development of scientific literacy.
  • To develop co-operative and collaborative relationships within the science and science education communities.
  • To develop and deliver a high quality research programme.
  • To enable resourcing and development of a sustainable operation.
  • To develop effective marketing and communication strategies to support all aspects of operation.
  • To facilitate and enable a change of culture whereby scientific, education and wider communities work together in the translation and communication of scientific knowledge, and participate as partners in the growth of scientific understanding and scientific literacy.
  • To contribute to the strengthening of educational achievement in science and pūtaiao for Māori communities, enhancing scientific literacy, supporting students to achieve their full potential, optimising opportunity for students to successfully attain science tertiary qualifications and opening up pathways that will enable students to become role models and leaders in science and within their communities.

Our key contexts are:

  • The global non-communicable disease epidemic
  • The Developmental Origins of Health and Disease

While these are our key contexts, we also have minor contexts. You will find these in the Senior Biology Learning Resources.