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Further Resources

This page contains additional resources for teachers to better understand the Gut Bugs trial, context embedded learning and the work that LENScience does.

Related Resources

Links to Science Learning Hub activities that support learning about NoS thinking and processes:


Gut Bugs, Obesity and the Human Microbiome

Gut Bugs Trial

Could eating thin people’s poo make you lose weight?"

Entertaining Newhub video clip and article about the Gut Bugs trail.


“Gut Bugs trial launches in Auckland

University of Auckland news article on the launch of the Gut Bugs trial.


Human Microbiome

An alimentary guide to microbes

This Cosmos article raises some interesting points for discussion.


Eat-Lancet Report

A scientific review of what constitutes a healthy diet from a sustainable food system.


“Fat or thin: Can the bacteria in our gut affect our eating habits and weight?”

This The Conversation article contains useful links to information on the human microbiome, gut microbiota and obesity.


GUTCHECK: The Microbiome Game

Engaging 2-4 player board and card game where players aim to develop a healthy gut microbiome.


How our microbes make us who we are” 

Watch this TED talk with Rob Knight on how our microbes shape us.


Human Food Project and American Gut

Blog featuring various helpful articles on the human microbiome.



Engaging website that addresses the questions: "Which microbes live in me, on me and around me? How do I interact with them?"


The ECOBABe Study

Scientists at the Liggins Institute are currently investigating whether babies born by caesarean section can be protected from a greater risk of obesity by being given bacteria from their mothers’ vaginas soon after birth.


Healthy Eating

“Impact of overweight and obesity as a risk factor for chronic conditions”

This Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report details estimates on the impact of obesity and its link to chronic diseases.


Ministry of Health BMI calculator

Use this BMI calculator to find out you are at a healthy weight.


World Health Organisation obesity fact sheet

This fact sheet contains important information on overweight and obesity classifications.


Healthy living and eating

The National Library of New Zealand (Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa) curates quality learning resources on a range of topics.


LENScience Resources and References for Teachers

Integrating Health Checks into Learning

This learning resource supports the integration of student health checks into the Healthy Start to Life Education for Adolescent Programmes.


Me, Myself, My Environment: Nutrition

This paper supports teaching and learning at middle and secondary school levels as part of the LENScience Healthy Start to Life Adolescent Education Project.


My food, My Future

These learning resources aim to connect students to research being undertaken in New Zealand into food choices.


NCD Risk Factors

Web page for teachers providing information on NCD risk factors.


Seminar paper (under development)

Seminar paper providing background information on the human microbiome.


The Non-Communicable Disease Epidemic

This teacher PLD e-module provides an overview of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), issues and impacts and links between early-life environmental exposures and later-life NCD risk.


What are Non-Communicable Diseases?

Informative web page for teachers on non-communicable diseases (NCDs).



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