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Discussion Questions

This page contains resource questions and discussion points designed to further conversation on the subject of breast cancer and biotechnology.



1. What are the key differences between mitosis and meiosis? 


2. The diagram below shows the cell cycle. Explain the purpose of each of the processes in this cycle. 


3. What is the name that scientists use for programmed cell death? What are some of the reasons why this may occur?   


4. DNA replication is a semi‐conservative process. Explain what this means and why it is advantageous. 


5. Protein synthesis is a two-stage process involving transcription and translation. Explain what happens in each stage of protein synthesis. 


6. Scientists talk about coding and non-coding DNA. What do these terms mean? 


7. What does the term gene expression mean? 


8. You have learnt about mutations. Review the following terms relating to mutations:

  • Spontaneous vs. induced
  • Harmful vs. beneficial vs. induced
  • Gametic vs. somatic
  • Gene vs. chromosome

Important Vocabulary: Test Yourself

Adenine Allele Amino acid
Anti-codon Apoptosis Cell culture
Chromosome Codon Cytosine
DNA DNA synthesis Gel electrophoresis
Gene Gene expression Gene profiling 
Genetic code Genome Genome analysis
Guanine Human genome project Karyotype
Meiosis Microarray Mitosis
Mutagen Mutation Nucleic acid
Nucleotide PCR Polypeptide chain
Protein Protein synthesis Reverse transcriptase
RNA Semi-conservative replication The cell cycle
Thymine Transcription Translation
Triplet Uracil