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Links to Curriculum and Assessment of Learning

This page informs teachers on how these resources link to the New Zealand curriculum.

Level 2 and 3 Achievement Standards That Link to These Resources

  • AS 91155: Biology 2.3: Demonstrate understanding of adaptation of plants or animals to their way of life
  • AS 91603: Biology 3.3: Demonstrate understanding of the responses of plants and animals to their external environment 
  • AS 91604: Biology 3.4: Demonstrate understanding of how an animal maintains a stable internal environment

Key Concepts from the New Zealand Curriculum That Link to These Resources

Below are selected objectives from the Y12 and Y13 Biology programme that link to these resources. Please note, these are not a full list of the concepts in your course. 


Nature of Science Levels 7 and 8

  • Understanding about science: Understand that scientists have an obligation to connect their new ideas to current and historical scientific knowledge and to present their findings for peer review and debate.
  • Investigating in science: Develop and carry out investigations that extend their science knowledge, including developing their understanding of the relationship between investigations and scientific theories and models.
  • Communicating in science: Use accepted science knowledge, vocabulary, symbols, and conventions when evaluating accounts of the natural world and consider the wider implications of the methods of communication and/or representation employed.

Living World Levels 7 and 8

  • Life processes: Explore the diverse ways in which animals and plants carry out the life processes.
  • Life processes, ecology, and evolution: Understand the relationship between organisms and their environment.