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Further Resources

This page contains additional resources for teachers to further understand Huntington’s disease.

Helpful Web Pages

Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology


Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology


Expert Advice on Stem Cells for Beginners


Health Research Council of New Zealand

Find out about Māori neuroscientist Dr Melanie Cheung (Ngāti Rangitihi, Te Arawa) and her work to slow the progression of Huntington’s disease here and here.


Huntington Disease

DNA Learning Centre's Multimedia Guide - Your Genes, Your Health


Huntington's Outreach Project for Education at Stanford University  

A guide to the science of Huntington's disease


Neurological Foundation of New Zealand


The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology Through the Study of Addiction

(National Institutes of Health and Drug Abuse USA)


US National Library of Medicine


Māori Attitudes to Assisted Human Reproduction

Dr Marewa Glover of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences School of Population Health is the author of a study into Māori attitudes to assisted human reproduction. Dr Marewa has kindly provided a copy of this report for use by students and schools. 


View the report.


Further Resources for Teachers and Senior Students

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